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Statistics have been categorized and sorted from 2009-2018. The following links provide a look at player's statistics from those years in a career format, single season format, and team totals format.

2009-2018 Yearly Team Totals 

2009-2018 Career Totals

2009-2018 Individual Season Totals

The Season Totals statistics include the added totals of all games played during these particular seasons. They Include [points, FG's made & missed, 3 FG's made & missed, FT's made & missed, shooting percentages, assists, steals, turnovers, blocks, fouls, and charges taken].


2008-2009 Season Totals

2009-2010 Season Totals

2010-2011 Season Totals

2011-2012 Season Totals

2012-2013 Season Totals

2013-2014  Season Totals

2014-2015 Season Totals

2015-2016 Season Totals 

2016-2017 Season Totals

2017-2018 Season Totals

The Box Scores recount the individual, team, and opponent statistics from each game. All statistics seen in the "year-end" stats from above are included here in a per game format.


2008-2009 Box Scores

2009-2010 Box Scores

2010-2011 Box Scores

2011-2012 Box Scores

2012-2013 Box Scores

2013-2014 Box Scores

2014-2015 Box Scores

2015-2016 Box Scores

2016-2017 Box Scores

2017-2018 Box Scores