Motion Offense Shooting

Take the most common shots that come from your offensive system & make those actions into your shooting drills.

One thing I've tried to do over the past four years is to move toward more "offensive specific" two or three man shooting action / drills. These actions are simply just pieces of what we are doing in our half court offense. The simple goal is to get reps of the shots that players are going to see on gameday.

The variations of Motion Offenses are endless, but all of them involve off the ball screening of some sort. In our version of Motion we use a Staggered Screen on ball reversals, and a Flare Screen when passes are made to a straight cut. Like most offenses, we also incorporate the use of DHOs and Drive & Kick opportunities as well. When it comes to designing shooting components to practice we try to incorporate these common motion actions into our drills.

Straight Cuts -

When the ball is reversed we will go into a staggered screen for the lowest player away from the ball.

His Options:

1. Straight Cut

2. Back Cut to the Rim

Here we are trying to replicate a straight cut off of the staggered screen.

Flare Screens & Second Cuts -

Second Cuts -

If the cutter Back Cuts to the rim we are expecting the screener to pop back to the basketball for a shot.

Flare Screen -

If the ball is delivered to the straight cut then the 5 Man immediately sprints into a flare screen for the passer.

Ball Side Shots -

Quick Pitch -

On a straight cut the cutter may have the chance to drive the ball from the slot. Here we are working on the quick pitch pass off corner help.


If there is no shot / drive opportunity off the catch then the cutter should continue to move the ball to the backside. Here we are replicating a backside DHO.

Concluding Thoughts

These drills are designed to be 2/3 man actions against air. Certainly all of these actions could be loaded to add defense or a read component to them. I prefer to get these drills going on both ends of the court to maximize the number of reps each player gets. Early in the season I think it makes a lot of sense to show your players game film clips of guys making these exact shots. These are not random drills, these are the shots we want our players hunting for in games and hopefully these practice reps will increase their confidence in making them.

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