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Updated: Jun 27

Have an honest meeting with each player about where their strengths and weaknesses are and suggestions on how they can improve this offseason.

I'm sure each coach has a similar process in which they meet with their players individually as the season comes to an end. I believe these kinds of meeting are an important step in beginning the process of a new year. Nearly every season key players are graduating and younger players will be stepping into new roles in which their responsibilities will grow. These kinds of meetings are a great chance for coaches to address what each player's new expectations will be.

What to Address

What is discussed with each player will be geared toward that specific player's experience, role, and future expectations. But there are certainly going to be common themes discussed with all players.

Common Discussion Points:

1. What are their Strengths & Weaknesses as a Player

2. Evaluation of their Performance this Past Season

3. Leadership, Attitude & Effort

4. Skill Focal Points for the Offseason

5. Personal Goals & Expectations for the Next Season

6. General Offseason Plan

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Sample Player Evaluation

Here is a sample player evaluation from one of our players from a few seasons ago where I commented on the common discussion points from above. Alongside this Player Evaluation Doc we also looked at Hudl statistical data from the season and also Hudl Shot Charts to get a better sense of things like shot selection, efficiency, shooting percentages, etc.

This can also be an opportunity to teach players how to properly use technology. Teach them how to watch game film, teach them how to analyze the shot chart, and perhaps even have them put together playlists of positive and negative plays during the season.

PART I: Strengths & Weaknesses

Part II: Coach's Notes

Concluding Thoughts

These end of the year meetings are critical in getting the new season off to a good start. Coaches should make a point to find the positive aspects of player's performance or skill set and emphasize that in the evaluation. Honesty is also another critical part of this evaluation. We need to be completely honest with players about their role moving forward, what they need to do to expand that role, and where players can improve the most. Hopefully by the end of these meetings players feel positive about a renewed sense of opportunity and an increased role of responsibility.

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