Penetrate - Kick - Drive the Elbow

An offensive sequence that we practice often is "Penetrate - Kick - Drive the Elbow". We believe that if there is no immediate shot upon a catch the next best option is to Drive the Elbow. Driving the Elbow allows the offensive player to take advantage of a natural double gap created by the penetrating player, and will often open up more scoring opportunities by collapsing the defense.

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Practice Drills

In order to make this offensive sequence a habit we routinely incorporate a number of practice drills that help us work on this concept. Like most practice concepts we will generally use a progression of drills that lead up to live play. Some of the drills that we use most often include:

Drill: 2/0 Drive & Kick

Phase: Phase A

Function: Habit Building (Can Also Dictate Finishing)

Drill: 2/0 Drive & Kick (Relocating Shooting)

Phase: Phase A

Function: Habit Building (Technique)

Drill: 3/3 Relocate

Phase: Live Play

Function: Application of Skills

Drill: 4/4 Push

Phase: Live Play

Function: Application of Skills

Concluding Thoughts

Driving the Elbow following a kick out pass opens up so many more options for the basketball. Not only are you exploiting a double gap, but you collapsing the defense and opening up drop pass and kick out opportunities for others. There are many ways to drill this concept, but following a progression of 2/0 Actions, Small Advantage Games, and then Live Play will go a long way towards making this concept a habit in games.

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