Clinic Notes Part II

A collection of my notes on the NABC Clinic Series done in the Spring of 2020. Check them out and email me at if you'd like to add your own notes to help share the game.

Coach Lynch Full Clinic Notes:

Dick Bennett | 'Pack Line Defense' -

Three Things that are Important to Coach Bennett:
1. Value Each Possession
2. Eliminate the Losing Plays
3. Understand what we Emphasize

Ryan Pannone & Jimmie Oakman - 'Individual & Team Rebounding -

Skills for Rebounders: 
1. Early Effort 
2. Rebound Out of Your Area 
3. Be an Extension Catcher 
4. Tip the Ball to Yourself / Out  
5. Get Around Your (Defender)  
6. Wedge Defenders Underneath  

Bob Richey | '5 Out Offense' -

The Identity that you create will become your filtration for clean decision making. - Coach Richey

Joe Gallo | 'How we Create Steals in our Zone' - P1 - *On the Way

*On the Way

Joe Gallo | 'How we Create Steals in our Zone' - P2 -

We believe that you are playing your Second Best Offense, and we are playing our Best Defense. - Coach Gallo 


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