Objective of the Coaches Corner

My objective behind the Coach's Corner is to take a more reflective look at how we are coaching our teams. Throughout the offseason this section will touch on all sorts of topics from Developing Team Pillars, Practice Planning, X’s & O’s, Offensive & Defensive Philosophy, and Player Development. Hopefully the site can present some ideas that can be taken to our youth league teams, or at the very least open a dialogue about how to help kids improve.    - Coach Lynch

Leicester Basketball Game Model


Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offenses - FastModel Sports Article featuring Leicester Basketball

Article Link: team.fastmodelsports.com/218/07/05/skill-building-dribble-drive-motion/

Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offenses 

Developing the “skills” necessary to excel within your offensive system is perhaps the most important thing coaches will accomplish on the practice floor. A good reflective practice for coaches is to take a look at your game film and ask yourself what skills are critical to improving your team’s performance. Then we must make time in our practice plans to develop those skills.

In a typical practice we dedicate at least one quarter of the practice time to developing offensive “skills.” Like most other aspects of our practices, the skill work is going to be done in a progression format. It will be introduced and taught “on air,” then guided defense will be introduced, and finally the involvement of live defense with decision making aspects will be added.

We run a Dribble Drive Motion offense with a heavy emphasis on the use of blur screens and dribble flips. So our “skill work” includes what is necessary to succeed in that style of offense. These actions that produce opportunities for shooters make up the bulk of how we develop our players.

A. Finishing School

B. Dribble Attacks

C. Second Cutting

D. Dribble Stops

Find, Use, Create "Playing Rules":
These are our "Playing Rules" under which our offense is designed. These concepts exist to provide players with basic guidelines and proper spacing. But ultimately we are teaching players to:      1. FIND the advantage     2. USE the advantage, if they have it     3. CREATE an advantage if there is none.  

Half Court Offense "Spacing & Design"
These are the basic concepts that are taught within the offense. A) We want to maintain 4 Out Spacing at all times to stretch out the defense. B) We are teaching DDM Rules for all Dribbles Drives, including the Drop Box & Rack Zone areas. C&D) We have an automatic 45 Degree Cut to the Ball Side Corner for all Slot to Slot Passes & a automatic 45 Degree Cut away from the ball when the ball is passed down to the wing. E) We are training our players to Attack all Double Gaps as they present themselves. E) Finally, teaching our "Post Players" to circle away from all drives.

Find, Use, Create "Playing Rules"

Half Court Offense "Spacing & Design" 


A. Rose Series (Finish, Drop & Quick Pitch) 

B. Handoff Action


Transition Offense Development

Our number one Pillar of "Make or Miss: Getit & Go" is built off of our transition offense. We want to get the ball out quickly & threaten the defense before they are set. We need to make this a focal point of our practices & build our Transition Drills around this concept. I've included videos below to show clips of our team executing various aspects of this system. 

Download: Transition Offensive System Guide

A. The Pitch Ahead

B. Cross the Rimline

C. Flip to the Trailer

D. Pressbreak Offense


21 Series vs. Zones

Special Situations (Baseline & Sideout)